Naranja Nuevo Negro Photo Shoot: Miami Chapter

  NARANJA NUEVO NEGRO (Orange Is the New Black)

Naranja Nuevo Negro is an ongoing project based on the show Orange is the New Black. Although originally intended as one part of a multi-component project, Naranja Nuevo Negro has rapidly grown into something much larger than I could have ever imagined. I have been traveling throughout the US documenting different chapters of this “club” and to date have shot over 230 subjects for Naranja Nuevo Negro.  




Women of all ages, background, shapes and sizes welcomed and wanted!  The more diverse the participants are the better.

Please do not worry about how you will perform in front of the camera; no prior experience is necessary!  I will provide you with direction and encouragement; helping you to connect with your Orange Is the New Black alter-ego and to celebrate your love for Crazy Eyes.


You are going to be photographed in one of my hand-tooled leather Naranja Nuevo Negro motor club jackets. Channel your inner biker bad ass, chola, chunga –  tough girl look, with a hint of sexy – please bring any or all of the following items with you for the shoot. 

 You must bring/wear

Denim jeans, shorts or mini skirt. You will only be shot from waist up so any shoes you want to wear are fine. Tank tops (black/white/grey), halter/crop tops or t-shirts.  The more shredded and distressed the better – dark colors shoot better than bright whites, but feel free to bring options. Other options: A black or white bra/leather top/lace top, whatever you would be comfortable being shot in and any accessories (rings, cuffs, necklaces, bandanas, leather belts, etc.)


This is really up too you!  Whatever it is that assists you in channeling that bad girl side is perfect! This is not a glamour shot, the photos will be very raw and high contrast.


From the NNN shoot you will be receiving an edited high res file of the chosen image (only one image is selected to use of each person) and sent to you via email. The editing process can take (most of the time over a month) but once you get your image it is yours to use, as you like (non-commercial use only).

Second shoot: Optional. 

Being that the Naranja Nuevo Negro (ONB) project is a non paying shoot in order to show my gratitude I would be happy to do a second shoot for you free of charge. The directions of this shoot is totally up to you.  This second shoot will directly follow the NNN/ONB shoot and will be shot on a black backdrop.  Because of this images will be slightly more edgy/sexy and dramatic then if shot on white so plan accordingly.  I've shot from dance (ballet, jazz), fashion/editorial, lingerie, bathing suits, artistic/creative shoots, cosplay (someone brought a fairy outfit… love it!) again up to you and shoot is totally optional.

If you would like to discuss your shoot prior feel to send me images of inspiration, images of clothing options, selfies or anything else to help assist you with the direction of this shoot. Again this is not necessary however the more info I have the better.

**Please note: The more invested/creative you are the better and you must bring everything with you that you will need to do the shoot (clothes, makeup, hair etc…).

From this second shoot you will receive two to three edited high res digital images and shoot will take from 1-2 hrs (depending on what it is you want to shoot )

If you are interested in doing the second shoot you must let me know prior to the day of shooting. **I approach photography from an editorial fashion/conceptual angle so try not to think glamour shots!

Sample of second shoot images:


Other than being online, my intention is to eventually create a book of this project documenting all of the different chapters of the Naranja Nuevo Negro motor-club and all the amazing women involved. I also have plans to create a traveling gallery show with all the images and the jackets.

If you have any specific questions that I have not answered please let me know. Also pass this info onto any other vivacious women you may know that would be interested in being involved in the Naranja Nuevo Negro project.


My studio is located in Wynwood, Miami FL.  Please contact me for call time and location.

feel free to text or email... which ever works best,




Images of other chapters of the Naranja Nuevo Negro MC: